Why Reading Apprenticeship?

It has never been more important to support the development of robust, cross-disciplinary, critical literacy in our students across the disciplines and levels. 3CSN’s Reading Apprenticeship Project supports California educators to create more equitable and impactful learning environments through a focus on academic literacies.

Reading Apprenticeship is a teaching and learning framework that supports instructors to “make their thinking visible” as they attempt to comprehend the complex texts of their disciplines, and then to use the insights gained from their metacognitive work to better “apprentice” students into the discipline.   Using the same metacognitive problem solving processes that faculty experienced in the professional learning sessions in their classroom, students learn to approach complex texts more confidently and strategically and to gain confidence and strategies for self-reliance in reading activities (Schoenbach, Greenleaf, and Murphy, 2012).   Faculty report a greater sense of self efficacy from participation in RAP:

“Reading Apprenticeship gives me a lot of confidence in my teaching because it provides a reliable framework and a point of reference, which is something I never had before. I have also learned a lot about my personal reading style, and I have had time to reflect on my evolution as an academic reader. I am able to talk to my students about my personal struggles with reading difficult texts and how I overcame these challenges.” English and First Year Seminar Instructor

“It has not only increased my ability to design lesson plans as an individual and as a part of a collaborative group, but it also increased my CONFIDENCE in bringing these new approaches to my students.”   Biology Instructor

“I have come to understand that no matter how amazing my explanation, students will learn the material better by working with it themselves, and my role is to facilitate them working with the material.” Biology Instructor

Learn more at https://readingapprenticeship.org

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