3-Day Seminar in Reading Apprenticeship

Comments from participants in the 3-day seminar:

“This course provided a framework, gave content, modeled how, gave us practice, and left us wanting this experience for our students.  It provided a ‘worldview’ of RA and tools to use as well as incentive to do so–observing the dynamism of our own classroom experience.”

“This was a great way to experience being a learner/ student again.  I appreciated viewing text from disciplines different from mine so that I could experience what students experience being novices.” 

“This seminar helped me to refocus on intentionality in teaching.”

“Making the invisible visible shows students that they are processing.”

“RA is a process, not a packaged program.  It involves commitment, rethinking teaching, collaboration, and helping students develop conversations about learning.”

Who Should Participate

The Community College Faculty Seminars in Reading Apprenticeship introduce community college faculty to the central ideas and critical routines of Reading Apprenticeship. Seminar content is appropriate for all areas and levels of community college curricula: developmental education, transfer-level courses, career and technical education.

Learning Goals

Community College Faculty Seminar participants will:

  • Acquire an understanding of Reading Apprenticeship as an instructional framework.
  • Engage students in reading more and in building capacity and willingness to read more rigorous texts.
  • Learn how to foster collaborative inquiry and discipline-specific “metacognitive conversation” in their classrooms.
  • Practice analyzing students’ reading, talking, and writing about reading with a focus on building on students’ strengths rather than deficits.
  • Use their own curriculum texts to plan for classroom incorporation of Reading Apprenticeship to support their learning goals.
  • Learn about tools for monitoring Reading Apprenticeship implementation and impact on students.
  • Have an established network of professional colleagues from the institute and access to an online discussion group for ongoing consultation about implementation issues.

Dates & Location–July 21-23, 2014, WestEd Oakland Offices

The seminar includes:

  • Three days of professional development
  • Course materials
    • Continental breakfasts and lunches
  • Lodging and travel are not included; however, group rates at selected local hotels are available. 

Scholarships are available for the 2014-15 year!

Email Nika Hogan at mihogan@pasadena.edu.