Reading Apprenticeship at Orange Coast College

picOn Friday, February 20, 2015, community college faculty from the Orange County Learning Network gathered at Orange Coast College for an afternoon Reading Apprenticeship (RA) workshop. Current RA practitioners Mario Robertson, Dalva Dwyer, and Susan Gaer offered an overview of the RA framework, which includes the social, personal, cognitive and knowledge-building dimensions. The leaders guided participants in making connections between these dimensions and key RA routines. Participants used texts from their own classes as they practiced think-alouds, talking to the text, and metacognitive conversations; the practice included discussions among participants that provided opportunities for knowledge-sharing and building.

Future RA workshops include a Reading Apprenticeship in STEM workshop on 4/10/15 at Crafton Hills College.  Visit this link to register for this event.  Additionally, Skyline College is hosting a Course Planning with Reading Apprenticeship workshop on 4/10/15.  Visit to register.  Additional RA workshops are already in the works for the 2015-16 academic year.

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