Reading Apprenticeship Continues to Grow in 2015

The Reading Apprenticeship Community of Practice grew tremendously in Fall 2014 and it looks like the same will happen in 2015. To ring in 2015, 3CSN and several California Community Colleges hosted 1-Day Reading Apprenticeship workshops around the state that engaged 150 community college faculty in conversation about academic literacy. To start, in early January, Imperial Valley College hosted a workshop on January 5 involving over 50 educators from across disciplines; they spent the day learning about the RA framework and metacognitive routines to model and practice with their own students. Just over a week later, two American River College faculty, Chris Padgett and Amanda Corcoran, led their 3rd “Making the Invisible Visible” Reading Apprenticeship workshop for their district colleagues and guests from the Greater Sacramento Area and northern Central Valley region. Along with an overview of the RA framework, classroom spotlights featured the use of RA in English, History, Biology, Psychology (including online), and Chemistry. Nearly 50 people joined in this event. Just a few days later on January 20, RA workshops were offered in two different locations: one in Northern CA at Skyline College and the other at Palo Verde College in Southern California. Both events were well attended and echoed what many RA participants have suggested before, “Many subjects believe only English should teach reading. It’s responsibility of all instructors to teach reading.” Altogether, January’s workshops included 150 community college faculty, helping the Reading Apprenticeship Project guide faculty in helping students acquire academic literacies to support their learning and enhance their lives in and out of school.

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