Equity and Excellence through Reading Apprenticeship

The American Association of Colleges and Universities recently singled out Reading Apprenticeship at Pasadena City College as an example of “inclusive excellence.”  Why should you have to be economically privileged to experience a real First Year Experience and be properly introduced and invited to college?  At PCC we have demonstrated that all students–regardless of their placement test scores–can benefit from a rigorous, 3 unit, transferable First Year Seminar, and that Reading Apprenticeship helps faculty and students “make it real.”  PCC’s First Year Pathways (FYP) features real college courses for real college students, as well as a real One Book, One College program, in which students, faculty, and staff really read together!  And we have real results (see below).

Click here to read Susan Albertine’s article about Reading Apprenticeship and PCC’s FYP Program.

Click here to learn more about FYE Pathways at PCC.

Persistence (Fall to Fall) 93.2% 77.2%
Average Credits Completed 27.9 Units 17.2 Units
FYP African American students persistence 87.9% 66.3%
FYP Hispanic/Latino students persistence 92.5% 74.8%

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