Reading Apprenticeship™ Professional Development 2012 Schedule Released

The Summer 2012 Schedule for RA Professional development has recently been released by the Strategic Literacy Initiative (SLI), with several exciting new offerings highlighted.  In addition to the popular 3-day seminar and the new online course, SLI has developed a new Leadership Institute in Reading Apprenticeship™ (LCoP), which will focus on creating a supportive cohort of campus-level Reading Apprenticeship™ facilitators and idea champions.

“In the old model, we met for an intensive 5 day summer institute and then dispersed to try to bring RA professional development to our campuses,” Nika Hogan, the RA Community College Coordinator and Coordinator of the 3CSN Community of Practice in RA said recently.  “There was built in follow up support in that we came back together for the Winter conference, but still, many of us did not feel prepared to actually get in front of other faculty and facilitate professional learning.  It is hard to incorporate RA into your teaching; teaching other faculty is a whole new level!”

Based on the successful Hewlett funded RA Regional Leaders Program, the LCoP will continue to develop faculty expertise in the theoretical and practical foundations of Reading Apprenticeship™, but it will also incorporate practice facilitation with peer observation and self evaluation and ongoing phone and online “coaching” for new facilitators.  Participation is limited to those who have attended a Reading Apprenticeship™ seminar or taken the online course and who have worked to incorporate RA into their classroom teaching.

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