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See How I Read: Why RA for English classes?

I’m an English teacher who loves to make fun of English majors: touchy-feely folks who walk barefoot on the grass and weep because they are harming living organisms.  I openly mock the Kumbaya circles and feel-good approaches to composition, literature and learning.  At first I thought the Reading Apprenticeship program was one such pedagogical offshoot […]

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Why RA in Science?

At the RA Winter Conference, 3CSN Network Coordinator Cleavon Smith was able to interview Will Brown, a professional development associate at WestEd’s Strategic Literacy Initiative, about why STEM instructors find RA to be beneficial. What does it mean for STEM students to grapple with texts? [youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] Will articulates the first goal of RA in […]

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Why RA in Math?

In my classes I tend to focus heavily on the personal and social aspects of student development, by having discussions about their motivations for being in school, sharing their past anxieties, picking project topics that interest them, and other activities that address the affective domain. While this appears to be effective in helping students change […]

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Why RA in ESL?

I’m beginning to undergo a seismic shift in my understanding of my role as a teacher. I used to be satisfied with teaching vocabulary and collocations in my reading class along with a few pre-viewing questions of a text and some post-reading discussions. I now understand that I’ve been cheating my students out of a […]

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Reading Apprenticeship™ Professional Development 2012 Schedule Released

The Summer 2012 Schedule for RA Professional development has recently been released by the Strategic Literacy Initiative (SLI), with several exciting new offerings highlighted.  In addition to the popular 3-day seminar and the new online course, SLI has developed a new Leadership Institute in Reading Apprenticeship™ (LCoP), which will focus on creating a supportive cohort of campus-level […]

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