Reading Apprenticeship™ in STEM

What does Reading Apprenticeship™ have to do with Science and Math Learning?

Very often, STEM instructors will feel out of place at first when they find themselves in an RA professional development setting.  They might feel that RA has nothing to do with them:

Reading is different in a Math class!  It shouldn’t be treated in the exact same way that reading in Humanities, Language Arts, and even Social Science courses is treated.

And of course this is absolutely true.  Reading is problem solving, but not all disciplines concern themselves with the same problems or problem solve in the same ways–and this understanding is at the heart of the Reading Apprenticeship framework.  STEM instructors have been relieved and refreshed to learn that RA is not a “one-size-fits-all” product that will supposedly “fix” our students or our instruction.  Rather, it is a framework for inquiry designed to help all of us remember the discipline-specific habits of mind that are crucial to learning and understanding our subject matter, but that have become automated for us after years of developing our expertise.  Focusing on metacognition can help both us and our students understand discipline-specific ways of reading, writing, thinking.

 Instructors expand on their experiences in a series of posts:

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More Resources:

Yu-Chung Chang-Hou used Reading Apprenticeship as a jumping off point to develop her own new approach to word problems:  Writing and Reading Activities for Math Problem Solving (WRAMPS).