3-Day STEM Seminar in Reading Apprenticeship

Reading Apprenticeship® Seminar for Community College STEM Teachers

Who Should Attend

This three-day seminar introduces community college teachers in science, technology, engineering,and mathematics to the central ideas and critical routines of Reading Apprenticeship, a research-based framework for engaging students in successful reading and learning. Community college instructors throughout the United States have embedded Reading Apprenticeship principles and routines into their classrooms, and report that the approach improves student outcomes.

Key Ideas

  • As experts in their fields, teachers can apprentice students to essential ways of discipline-specific reading and learning by making their own thinking and reading processes visible.
  • The core routines of Reading Apprenticeship support students actively engaging with each other in inquiry to make sense of texts.
  • This approach creates a strong social network within the classroom that promotes risk taking and questioning, builds students’ confidence, and improves students’ understanding of course material.

What You Will Learn

  • Participants will put well-researched theory into practice with classroom routines that engage students in powerful ways of reading academic and technical texts. Videos and texts from classrooms inform this inquiry.
  • Working with the facilitators and with one another, participants will deepen their understanding of the pedagogy of their disciplines.
  • Participants will use their own course texts to spot their “expert blind spots” and in planning to incorporate Reading Apprenticeship for improved student outcomes.

How Students Benefit

  • Increased retention and course completion
  • Increased depth of comprehension and improved written work
  • Increased willingness to persist through difficult texts
  • Increased independence as readers and learners


$1,500 per person includes three days of professional development, all materials, and three continental breakfasts and lunches.

Date and Location

  • June 18-20, Oakland WestEd Offices
  • Lodging and travel are not included; however, group rates at selected local hotels are available.

Scholarships are available for the 2014-15 year!

Return your completed 2014_New_Team_Scholarship_App by April 1, 2014 to Nika Hogan at mihogan@pasadena.edu.