3CSN’s Reading Apprenticeship Project CoP Program

Reading Apprenticeship, developed by WestEd’s Strategic Literacy Initiative, is an instructional model which provides students with resources for approaching complex texts more confidently and strategically. The Reading Apprenticeship model provides a dynamic professional development process that helps instructors “make their thinking visible” with challenging texts from their own disciplines to support students’ disciplinary ways of reading, knowing and problem-solving.

Since 2011, 3CSN has invested in Reading Apprenticeship as a particularly effective framework for supporting students’ learning as well as for integrating campus initiatives across disciplines and contexts. Possibilities include:

    • Equity Initiatives
    • Basic Skills Transformation Grants/ Basic Skills Initiatives
    • Guided Pathways
    • Promise Innovation Grants
    • First Year Experience programs
    • Curricular revision and transformation
    • Creating a culture of inquiry around teaching and learning to support any of the above.

Over 90 California community college campuses and 2,000 educators have participated in workshops, seminars, online courses and webinars, conference presentations, and formal and informal networking supported through all of 3CSN’s activities and its partnership with Strategic Literacy Initiative.

In 2017-18, 90 educators from 11 colleges have been accepted to the Reading Apprenticeship Project Community of Practice.  Members of campus teams have committed to participation in a series of intensive Reading Apprenticeship professional learning events, choosing from a range of intensive Reading Apprenticeship Professional Development events.

Teams are supported to participate in:

  • ONE intensive Reading Apprenticeship Professional Learning opportunity, such as an online course or seminar.
  • Reading Apprenticeship Winter Conference (participants come together to deepen their knowledge of Reading Apprenticeship and share best practices, challenges, and successes related to implementation).
    • February 1-2, 2018 Kellogg West Conference Center in Pomona, CA.
  • CA Statewide Reading Apprenticeship Conference (educators present interactive 90 minute workshop sessions demonstrating and reporting on their work with Reading Apprenticeship)
    • May 11-12, 2018Kellogg West Conference Center in Pomona, CA.

Information about the 2018-19 Reading Apprenticeship Community of Practice will be available in Spring 2018 (if funding is available to support it).  Please email Nika at nika@3csn.org to learn more.