RA Community of Practice

California Community College campus teams are invited to join a statewide Community of Practice (CoP) to support their inquiry into and assessment of the Reading Apprenticeship (RA) instructional framework. RA helps teachers support students across the disciplines and levels to become motivated, strategic, and critical readers, thinkers, and writers, to develop positive literacy identities, and to engage with challenging academic texts.

Ruth Schoenbach, Co-Director of the Strategic Literacy Initiative, discusses the promise of 3CSN’s RA Community of Practice:

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kwdj3Qi-q9E[/youtube]


You can join 3CSN’s statewide Community of Practice in RA by taking advantage of one of the scholarships available for RA professional learning:

Resources for Inquiry:

BRIC Inquiry Guides.  The BRIC Initiative aims to help community college faculty, staff, and administrators discover or recapture passionate, thoughtful inquiry and use it to enhance the broader student experience. To support this aim, a series of Inquiry guides have been developed. They recommend best practices and strategies to promote increased and authentic use of inquiry and evidence, with suggestions for potential directions for processes, procedures, standards, and protocols.

Los Medanos College Guide to Facilitating an Inquiry Community.  A guide developed at Los Medanos College for faculty who have been asked to run a teaching community.

Faculty Inquiry in Action.  A Carnegie Foundation report describing guidelines for faculty working together to improve student learning.